Social media 101

So what is Social media and are you an actively using it.   Well basically Social media is nothing more then web social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin and more.   One of the first sites that became popular with High school kids was Myspace which is still very popular with teens however new sites such as Facebook and Twitter came along which where aimed more for adults and giving them the same opportunity to socialize with others about common interest, hobbies or what ever they wanted to chat about.   Another site which is aimed at working professionals is Linked in which deals was designed for working professional to communicate and develop relationships.

So why join this social media sites and movements well for one it is a good way to meet new people and other working professionals.  One of the fastest grown social site Facebook has a very large user base in fact there are so many people that have accounts it would be considered the 6th largest country in the world that is if it was a country.   So needless to say it has become a great new way of communication and developing friendships and more.

Of course with anything that become popular over time issues including crime comes along with it.  There are some issue that have occurred and some concerns about personal security and these types of social media accounts.  Of course if you remain cautious with emails or request for information it is relatively a safe place to develop new friends and communicate.

So if your not already on a Social media site then try it out.  You might be surprised on how much you might enjoy it and develop some new friends and relationships.