Internet market trends that are constant

•    Number 1 Trend – Customer Voice: Each and every opportunity that you have with a customer is a chance to build loyalty. That’s why customer voice is in our top trends. Customers want to know that you hear them and care about what they are saying. Set up a blog, forum or something similar. Letting your customers know that you care about their opinion.
•    Number 2 Trend-Recession Marketing: A lot of companies will come at you with the promise of saving you money. During this time in our economy no one has a dime to waste and companies are going to jump on that. Trying to get you to believe them when they tell you that they are the ones that you should go with.
•    Number 3 Trend-Mobile Marketing: With the awesome improvement on mobile phones now many companies are considering mobile applications as an opportunity to come in contact with customers. Giving them a one on one experience.
•    Number 4 Trend-Blogs:  It’s so easy to enter the blogging world. Companies will begin to see that even though blogging isn’t a new choice. The fact that there are so many different upgrades to offer such as video and audio. It’s also a very personal way for a company to see what their customers are thinking and feeling.
•    Number 5 Trend– Internet Marketing: Because of the cost effectiveness and the big impact that it can have on a company. We believe that internet marketing will be looked at as a more serious opportunity to tell the world about your business, Companies that have had websites up for years but, haven’t really done anything to update them or just haven’t paid attention to them. Will begin to change their tune.
•    Number 6 Trend– Internet TV: Again with iPod’s and iPhones along with droid phones plus tablets at your finger tips why not be able to watch what you want when you want. Internet TV will become very popular this year and really jumping as the norm in the next few years.
•    Number 7 Trend– Beginners Marketing: As more doors are closing forever and it’s getting harder and harder to get customers to part with hard to come by money. I believe that businesses will start doing simple things that a lot of companies did/do when they first opened. Like passing out flyers to tell people about your location. Giving coupons to encourage consumers to spend some cash and Doing things that will get the community involved and bring them to your business.