Facelift for Twitter

If your an active using the social media site Twitter you may have noticed the ability to upgrade to the most recent version of Twitter.   If you have already accepted you already may have noticed the new features giving users more flexibility to upload photos, videos and other media content plus gives you the ability to discover new content or additional information  within a few clicks.

Even with all the new features and look of Twitter you still have many of the same easy access controls that came with the older version so there is some similarity  so you won’t have to worry about learning a bunch of new feature and completely new interface.

One of the first things you will note about the new improved Twitter is the expanded view of your tweets plus the expanded view of following, followers and trends section.   Another new feature is the easy access search bar located at the top of the screen which is great for quick access to search for topics of interest.   Of course with the new version you still can only type in a maximum of 140 characters which most full time users of Twitter are use to at this point.

In my option I like the new features and new look of Twitter.   I like the new changes and how they have opened up the page now and added the easy to use search bar plus the easy way to add pictures, video plus other media.  Of course it may not matter to everyone since many people like to us Twitter via Mobile phones and not using a computer much but it is a nice face change to Twitter.

So what’s you option:  Do you like the new face of Twitter?  Do you  have a favorite feature?