Dealing with social accounts are hacked

In today’s world of computers it is hard to avoid having your social accounts from being hacked if you look over the past few of years there is a growing tread of social accounts being hacked.  It does not matter which service you from Facebook, Twitter along with others all have fallen victim to hackers and it does not matter if you’re famous or not you’re still a target.

Of course if you are famous it might make news that your account has been hacked and you are explaining to your fans along with apologizing for the commentary or install the hacker has made on your account to all the skype-social-media-hackedfollowers.    This would include other accounts that are setup by businesses or people that do business.  If part of your business relies on social media and your account has been hacked it can cause a loss of income since these types of attacks can damage how the followers view the company or person along with getting other personal inform possible from those followers.

So how do you avoid or protect you social account to start with don’t ever login into your account from an emailed web link since this is the most common way most hackers get your information by sending you fake emails that most often referred to an issue with your account and they act read like they are from administrator and that social site.  The best way to deal with any issues or request that you receive for your social account is to go open your browser and type in that website and login to your account.

Another thing that you should do is make your password at least 8 charters long and complicated don’t use the names of you kids or dog or other information that can easily be found on your social sites since this is the kind of information that does get shared with others.   Also you should add unique characters like: $, # or others and of course a mix of numbers and small and capital letters.    These passwords should not be shared with other at all since this is your private account even if you children wish to play games or post something online; you can give them access by login but don’t give them passwords.

The last advice is to be careful about the programs you access and download from some sites since they are designed to obtain your information.  These types of programs often referred to as Malware or Spyware which is designed to obtain information from seeing your shopping habits to your personal information from your banking to other accounts which includes social media.   It is not always easy to see these kind of programs but investing in a good Malware and protection programs is always a good idea.

Even with this you have to always beware of message with attachments and programs you might get from others along with programs you are trying to download on top of watching your Social media accounts and other accounts since even the best protection does not keep you safe from these kind of hackers.

I hope you enjoy this article and helped you become more informed.