About us at Digitalsocialpress.com We hope you find this site useful and informative and will help you make informed decision before buying and digital product for yourself or business. Also we want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit our community site.

About us Digitalsocialpress.com is a free information site on digital products that offer reviews and comparisons and makes money from affiliate programs on  products offered through our site. Our philosophy is to provide helpful information and reviews that are honest and simplifies information for users that don’t have the  back ground or experience so that you can you can find the answers your seeking on Digital products.

The primary author of this site has over 15 years of experience in Electronics and technology along with information technology (IT) and has worked on various platform Electronics and technology  which include the sale of computer services and products.

The primary site author Bio information:

Paul Maer

About us -For over 8 years the author of this site work for Motorola developing and manufacturing new technology product.  Over time the technical growth of the company and the author went on to become IT computer support person for development engineer and manufacturing and worked another 8 years on the sales and support of software and hardware products.

Experience includes support at for major corporations and large sites with over 3500 users and providing support for both normal and engineering based users along with currently providing support and setup of small business locations.

Within this site there is a wealth of information, which is targeted at the home users and small business users that are beginners and do not have the technical back ground for computers systems. We will focus on computers and along with office equipment for businesses, with guides and relevant advice.

We want this site to be as clear as possible, giving you helpful information on e-reades and provide useful advice. The aim is to help you make informed decision and provide assistance with technical and questions that you might have before you buy. If you would like to see certain information on a subject about e-reader or article on anything related to e-readers or related products just email us.

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